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Monova Black Desert


I spent the last hours in Desert Black Online only plunking arrows orcs or test my skills against other players, but trying to tame horses. It is something I remember fondly the real world experience in my teens, so I admire that such an option even exists in this vast sandbox MMORPG style. But like so many others in the Black Desert online, something about the way the system appears slightly off. The loop in the catch-rope I threw is ridiculously too small, for example, and I can not even tell the horse to raise sex with other horses until I caught him. But there is always a moment of quiet joy when I managed to earn more with a handful of sugar. I can not think of any other massively multiplayer RPG contemporary line that gives me the same satisfaction.

I say that partly because the worlds of some other MMORPGs feel quite real as Black Desert online. Taming horses is just the tip of what it offers. There are fantastic staples like elves here, but they are subtle, with their ears usually hidden under the luxury hairstyles. There is an (unplayable) Otter folk race, but they mix with low-fantasy atmosphere as comfortable as saguaros in Arizona. This cozy realism appears in the Witcher-esque retail world, where carefully tended vineyards stand vigil wind grass sides and tossed fenceways weatherworn. There is a price for that detail the highest settings challenged my GeForce GTX 980 in crowded areas, but I got tired of the Black Desert Online path uses to create a believable world where humble Tuscan chalets are held in castles bizarre that we usually see in this genre.
But as with the domestication of the horse, that realism is also born of wealth and depth of its many side systems. Instead of the blind rush to the level limit that characterizes many of its competitors, Monova Black Desert online develops a design loosely sandboxy. Using a secondary refundable XP system of sorts based on “contribution points”, it focuses on activities such as the establishment of trade routes with hired workers, fishing on the docks or the remains animals for profit, and even renting farmland as far as just duking it out. If I want to grow a crop like carrots for my horse, I must take into consideration factors such as humidity, the availability of groundwater, and the temperature of an area. Or you can rush to the soft capsule of level 50, if you are so inclined.
Why carrots, you might ask? Horses tired after long trips, and they need to stay nourished to maintain their speed. (I can buy from an NPC in the stables, but off-the-shelf carrots will not be as effective as home-adult.) This is particularly important because there is no quick travel here aside an autorun option along roads to a destination. Nor are there any set of banks to scale: if I have something in the warehouse Heidel, I have to gallop back to Heidel to get it. Normally, this kind of thing gets boring, but now Black Desert online no real endgame to talk share the struggle against the bosses of the world and commitment in PvP, and therefore there is no need to accelerate across anyway. For me, it creates a sense of life and meaning in the world; a reason to fight all these orcs and naga clogging the green pastures beside the roads.
And the battle is fun. Black Desert online is probably the MMO that comes closest to the ideal of action-adventure solo battle, and there was not one of the eight classes, I did not like at a certain level. Take the Sorceress, who grinds the bad guys with black magic as a Shaolin monk passed the dark side. Consider the warrior, which boasts a wide range of combos to offer a less flashy but nonetheless satisfying experience. After several false starts (complicated by the expectation of a day to delete a character), I finally stuck with the Ranger, dodging enemies with backflips flashy and does damage and almost as much skill with his dagger as with his bow .
These gender-specific pronouns I was there are not my own choice, and it’s a bit of a problem. Each class is enclosed in a gender and race specific, although the wizard has an identical counterpart Witch and the Warrior more defensive oriented Valkyrie as an alter ego. But like the Berserker, Ranger, and the witch? You’re stuck with an ugly giant, a tonic elf women in short skirts, and a look-alike of Yennefer Vengerberg respectively. I find it funny because Desert Black Online first gained widespread attention on the strength of his character creator, but playing it reveals its current boundaries. While you can do fantastic things with faces, the wizard still looks like an old man, the Berserker is still suffering from a severe hunchback, and Tamer class still looks like a little girl. Worse, all existing gear sets for each class differ little from each other, so I seemed to walk among the many clones in the cities until I am close and personal.
The cash shop used to complete buy-to-play Black Desert Online model offers interesting cosmetic alternatives for each class, but much like almost everything else in the shop, they are prohibitively expensive, often costing as much the game base itself. (This is not the dyeing system, which consumes purchasable dye after a single use, or $ 9 animals all-but-essential running around and automatically pick the booty to tell you.) Even then, there is only a couples additional best outfits, so even players slamming down hard money – as I did, for a rough leather look – always end up looking like a bit like the other players in their class.
Black Desert online is certainly one of fantasy MMO the most unique theme out there right now, and it offers a beautiful world that is as generally credible and enjoyable. Even with such shortcomings as the fight grindy and low final, he still manages to offer several tens of hours of fun.

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